Five County Association of Governments, Community Action Partnership is pleased to invite your agency to apply for 2023 Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) funding.

A PDF version of the request for proposal can be found here – SSBG Request for Proposal 2023


Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) funds are awarded directly to States. The State and local communities are fully responsible, within the limitations of the law, for determining the use of their funds. The State and local communities has the flexibility to determine what services are provided, who is eligible to receive services, and how funds are distributed among various providers within the State of Utah and local communities.

Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) funds are to enable local agencies to furnish social services best suited to meet the needs of the individuals residing within their community. Such services may be, but are not limited to: daycare for children or adults, protective services for children or adults, special services to persons with disabilities, adoption, case management, health-related services, transportation, foster care for children or adults, substance abuse, housing, home-delivered meals, independent/transitional living, employment services, information and referral, or any other social services found necessary by the State and local communities.  SSBG uniform definitions of services can be found at:


The contract period is July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. Contracts will begin on the date of the signed contract (or July 1, 2022, if the contract is signed prior to July 1, 2022) and extend through June 30, 2023. Any services delivered before the start date of the contract are not reimbursable.


Social Services Block Grant rules are issued by the Federal Agency, Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, under the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) # 93.667. Federal funds are passed-through the Utah Department of Human Services to Five County Association of Governments, Community Action Partnership Program.  The SSBG is subject to regulations periodically published in the Federal Register.


Non-profits (501c3) and units of government within Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane and Washington Counties in Southern Utah who provide applicable services to individuals with disabilities, domestic violence victims, seniors, and households falling below the 125% federal poverty level.



Services that may be provided with SSBG funds include, but are not limited to: child care for children or adults, protective services for children or adults, special services to persons with disabilities, adoption, counseling, case management, family planning, health-related, transportation, foster care for children or adults, substance abuse, legal, housing, home-delivered meals, congregate meals, independent/transitional living, special services for youth, employment services, information and referrals, or any other social services needed by the GRANTEE’s population.

Housing, Transportation, and Income Management (not duplicating services of another provider) were emphasized as high priorities in the 2019 Five County Need Assessment and these services and those specifically in line with county intergenerational poverty plans will be prioritized. Pantry applications will likely not be considered.

Regardless of the services funded by the SSBG funds, they must be used to provide services directed toward one of the following five goals specified in the law:

  1. Achieving or maintaining economic self-support to prevent, reduce or eliminate dependency;
  2. Achieving or maintaining self-sufficiency, including reduction or prevention of dependency;
  3. Preventing or remedying neglect, abuse or exploitation of children and adults unable to protect their own interest, or preserving, rehabilitating or reuniting families;
  4. Preventing or reducing inappropriate institutional care by providing for community-based care, home-based care or other forms of less intensive care;
  5. Securing referral or admission for institutional care when other forms of care are not appropriate or providing services to individuals in institutions.



Five County AOG receives federal funding passed through the Utah Department of Human Services. Changes in federal or state policy, reduction of funding on a state or national level, or other external factors make it impossible ensure specific award amounts. Although subrecipients selected for Local Government Social Services Block Grant funding will be provided an award letter and contract, please note all award totals can be changed with a 30-day notification. By submitting this application, potential sub recipients acknowledges all award offers are tentative and may be influenced by factors outside of Five County AOG’s control.



SSBG grantees/contractors may be required to use CAP60 Database System (or possible replacement system) to track customer demographics and services.  Grantee will report the number of unduplicated individuals who received services paid for in whole or in part with funds made available under the SSBG, showing separately the number of children and the number of adults who received such services and broken down in each case to reflect the types of services.

Reporting of unduplicated individuals, with a list of names and number of service units provided, must be provided monthly. An application workshop will take place before the start of the award.


Monthly (or quarterly with prior arrangement) statements of expenditures are required of all SSBG grantees/contractors. These statements of expenditure must be submitted by the 15th day following the end of the month for which the grantee is billing. The grantee must maintain an adequate accounting system to identify and support all expenditures billed. All grantees/contractors are required to submit audit reports according to the requirements of the Single Audit Act.

Please do not submit an application if your organization is unable to meet this billing reimbursement requirement.


Grantee using SSBG funds for a homeless project, Grantee will be required to participate in their Local Homeless Coordinating Council and local Continuum of Care Plan

The Program Director and staff may be required to attend training on reporting requirements.


Proposals must be in the Five County Association of Governments office by the close of business at 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 29, 2022.

There are two components of the application:


Additional questions may be directed to:

Michael Day, Director 

Five County Association of Governments

1070 West 1600 South, Bldg. B

St. George, Utah 84770

435-673-3548 ext. 150

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