Community Action Partnership

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General Overview

Five County Association of Government’s Community Action Partnership (CAP) stabilizes and empowers low-income households in moving towards self-sufficiency. This is done by leveraging Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) funding with other federal, state, and private funding sources to build partnerships with faith-based, public, non-profit, and for-profit entities; identify and meet changing community needs; and engage community members (including through volunteerism).

Programs and funding are based off community need assessments and oversight by the Five County Human Services Council (a tri-partite board consisting of equal representation of elected, private-sector, and low-income representatives). Please contact Michael Day at if you’re interested in serving on the tri-partite board.

Applying for Assistance:

Eligibility for many of these programs are at the 125% federal poverty guideline. Please check go to programs to learn more. For instance, food pantry and VITA assistance have much higher income eligibility than transportation, housing, and employment support assistance. Some programs are open to all,  Court Ordered Community Service.

Update: Many programs now have eligibility up to 200% federal poverty guideline until September 30, 2021.