Social Services Block Grant (SSBG)



Five County Association of Governments Community Action Program is currently taking application for SSBG funding until Monday, May 1, 2017 at 5:00 pm. All applications must be typed and no late applications will be accepted. Only SSBG 2018 applications will be considered.

Social Services Block Grants (SSBG) supports programs that allow communities to achieve or maintain economic self-sufficiency to prevent, reduce or eliminate dependency on social services. Utah awards a portion of its award to local governments to use at their discretion to meet local needs within SSBG guidelines and for allowable activities. Services should avoid service duplications and meet the needs of the community. Applications for funding are for programming within the five county area of Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, and Washington counties.

Services funded by the SSBG funds may be used to provide services directed toward one of the following five goals specified in the law:

  • Achieving or maintaining economic self-support to prevent, reduce or eliminate dependency;
  • Achieving or maintaining self-sufficiency, including reduction or prevention of dependency;
  • Preventing or remedying neglect, abuse or exploitation of children and adults unable to protect their own interest, or preserving, rehabilitating or reuniting families;
  • Preventing or reducing inappropriate institutional care by providing for community-based care, home-based care or other forms of less intensive care;
  • Securing referral or admission for institutional care when other forms of care are not appropriate or providing services to individuals in institutions.

Housing, Transportation, and Income Management (not duplicating services of another provider) were emphasized as high priorities in the 2016 Five County Need Assessment and these services and those specifically in line with county intergenerational poverty plans will be prioritized. Pantry applications will likely not be considered.


Applications for FY18 SSBG can be found here:

SSBG – Match Letter Template (A match letter is required)

SSBG Request for Proposal 2018 (Word .doc format)

SSBG Request for Proposal 2018 (PDF Application)


When applying, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Does my project avoid a service duplication and foster collaboration with other community partners?
  2. Does the project serve a need which is not being met? How so?
  3. Does my organization have the capacity to comply with program requirements (verifying client eligibility, submitting monthly reports)
  4. Has my organization performed well in previous funding cycles?
  5. Is the project innovative? Is it meeting the needs, or is this project a repeat of previous projects?
  6. Can I document 25% non-federal and unduplicated match?
  7. Do I have enough resources to leverage to make a project successful? (Awards range from $2,000 – $7,000, so please consider reporting requirements when applying)

For further information please contact Clint Cottam at (435) 674-5757 extension 102 or


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