Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC)


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Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) is a network of affiliated organizations across the U.S. and Canada running that same program by engaging youth ages 11-18 in team-based, structured, diverse, flexible service-learning opportunities. Five County Association of Government – Community Action sponsors Cedar City-YVC to achieve these goals, including those from low-income households.



J-141. To engage youth in service projects that are challenging, rewarding and educational.

2. To serve the unmet needs of the community and its residents.

3. To promote among youth a greater understanding and appreciation for the diversity of their community.

4. To promote a lifetime ethic of service among youth.


Studies tracking youth who volunteer have found that they can develop negative attitudes about service if they don’t feel that their efforts make a difference. That is why Youth Volunteer Corps has utilized the same model for 30 years—team-based, diverse, structured, flexible service-learning opportunities for youth.

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