The Emergency Food & Shelter Program

These funds are limited and prioritized to assist agencies that provide emergency food and shelter in the five county area. Consideration of all requests for funds will be contingent upon the actual award notification from the EFSP National Board and there is no guarantee any specific jurisdiction will qualify for fund or a particular level of fund. Awards cannot be guaranteed and will be based upon funding made available by the National Emergency Food and Shelter Program Board. For more information about the EFSP program, visit the national EFSP website.

The Five County Emergency Food and Shelter EFSP board members 2020 are always available for public comment.

Please see below for the “Eligible Program Costs”, in order to know what funding categories your agency can apply for.

If you would like to speak with a Five County Association of Governments – Community Action staff member about EFSP, please contact Christina Crittenden at or (435) 674-5757 ext. 109

For more information about the EFSP program, visit the national EFSP website or the phase_35_manual

Pre-Applicants are encouraged to read the complete program guidelines in the Phase 35 manual

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